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Corbin Russwin

Since the early 1830s, Corbin Russwin has been a key manufacturer of high-quality door hardware for commercial, residential and institutional facilities. Since patenting some of the first exit devices nearly a century ago, the Corbin Russwin brand has become an internationally recognized name, consistently meeting rigorous safety and security requirements, while offering quality, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use operation.

Corbin Russwin is the first and only choice of many designers, contractors, architects and facility managers when selecting and specifying hardware. Barzel Lock carries a range of Corbin Russwin exit devices, door closers and operators, locks, electric locks. We also offer parts, accessories and kits for many Corbin Russwin products. Check out our popular Corbin Russwin Products:

Popular Corbin Russwin Door Closers and Operators

A door closer is a device that enables the door to close gently, but firmly enough to latch. As the door opens the arm is pulled along, and on release, is slowly returned to its natural state, pulling the door closed again. ‘Delayed action’ door closers allow the door to remain open for a specified amount of time. There is often a further option of an adjustable latching speed for the final few degrees of closing. Whether you need a door slow-closer, an automatic door closer, a door retractor, or a door closer for optimal door control, our quality brands are here to deliver. Discover door closers of every description at very competitive prices and check out our door closer guide for help choosing a door closer to fit your requirements.
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Popular Corbin Russwin Electric Locks

Electric locks are sometimes used in conjunction with mechanical locks, although they work independently of the mechanical door lock. Electric locks operate by means of an electric current passing through an electromagnet installed on the door frame, creating a magnetic charge. An access control device is used to cut power to the electromagnet to trigger the release of the lock. With electronic access control playing an increasingly significant role, it is important to install reliable door hardware and keep up with the times.
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Popular Corbin Russwin Exit Devices

An exit device, a safe and practical means of opening a door from the inside, is often required for use on fire exits or secondary exits. Corbin Russwin exit devices are superbly engineered to accommodate high-use and high-abuse environments, and have been proven to greatly reduce the risk of injury in the event of an evacuation. A Corbin Russwin exit device is aesthetically designed to assure a secure and convenient option for easy exits. The ED5000 Series, for example, offers smooth lines in the exit device bar and a full range of trim designs.
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Popular Corbin Russwin Locks

Although internal designs have changed over the years, the basic structure of a pre-assembled lockset which fits into a notched cutout in the door has remained the same for over a century. Corbin Russwin lock installations do not depend on thin sections of door material for solidifying the latch unit in place. Instead, the single-unit lock case is securely clamped against the door surfaces for the strongest possible protection against forced entry and will play a large role in keeping your home safe and protected. Corbin Russwin locks are available with a variety of finishes, including wrought brass, bronze, and stainless steel (depending on the product).
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About the brand: Corbin Russwin

Corbin Russwin's story began when Henry Russell and Cornelius Erwin began manufacturing plate type locks in 1839, and named their company the Russell and Erwin Company. In early 1870, the company, now named Russel & Irwin Company, switched to decorative hardware. Many prominent buildings of the times, all across the United States, were supplied with the brand’s decorative hardware, including the State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut. Eventually, the company would expand to manufacture coat and hat hooks, fasteners, nails, locks, knobs and even coffin trimmings.

It is widely believed that by 1885 The Russell & Irwin Company was the largest manufacturer of builders’ hardware internationally. It wasn’t until 1908, though, that "Russwin" became an official trademark.

During both world wars, the company — along with hundreds of other companies across the nation — proved their patriotism by pivoting from manufacturing decorative hardware to manufacturing items such as gun parts and hand grenades to assist the war effort.

During the 20th century, manufacturing giant Black & Decker purchased the company, as well as another hardware manufacturer, American Hardware. The two companies subsequently merged to form Corbin Russwin. At the time of the merger the two companies produced nearly half of the hardware supply in the United States.

Today, Corbin Russwin’s manufacturing facilities are based in Connecticut, and continue to manufacture a large variety of high quality products.

Corbin Russwin appeals to customers who insist on high-quality, durable hardware to secure their homes, institutions, and facilities. To meet this need, Corbin Russwin offers a broad line of premium products —  some specialized for specific environments — that perform reliably in buildings all over the United States and Canada. Their mortise locks, exit devices, key systems, electronic access control products and door closers all provide the security required for high-use, high-abuse environments like healthcare, K-12, university and government facilities.

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