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Door Closers and Operators

Find commercial and residential door closers and retractors for sale. We carry LCN, Falcon, Corbin Russwin, Yale, Norton and other popular brands.

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Door Closers – The Best You Can Buy Online

Looking to buy a high-performing door closer online?
Are your doors closing faster or more heavily than they should?
You’ll discover door closers of every description at very competitive prices.
Our ranges feature door hardware from the most prestigious names in the industry, including LCN, Yale, Corbin Russwin, Sargent, Norton, Rockwood, and Falcon.
Choose from a wide variety of materials and designs, for perfect door control.
Door closers are highly developed, precision made, factory tested machines designed to meet the latest product performance standards. Once correctly installed, the unit should require no further maintenance or adjustment.

With so many door closers to choose from, where do you start?
Door closer hardware is varied and often door-specific.
Barzel Lock offers a handy BUYING GUIDE to help you choose your door hardware.


Frequently Asked Questions about Door Closers and Operators

Counted among our best brands are Norton, LCN, and Corbin Russwin. These manufacturers are producers of some of the highest quality door closers, offering exceptional value and quality at every opening. They include numerous door control solutions for both residential and commercial doors, to meet regulations such as fire ratings, opening security, and accessibility.

Yes, you can. A sliding door closer can upgrade your sliding door to perform like an automatic sliding door. You simply open the door manually and the door will close back by itself.

A door closer is a mechanical device designed to close a door in a controlled manner, mechanically or automatically. It will enable the door to close gently, but firmly enough to latch. As the door opens the arm is pulled along, expanding the spring or piston, which on release, is slowly returned to its natural state, pulling the door closed again. ‘Delayed action’ door closers allow the door to remain open for a specified amount of time. The speed can be adjustable, allowing safe passage for wheelchair users or personnel carrying bulky items or luggage. There is often a further option of an adjustable latching speed for the final few degrees of closing.

They are called – door closers! Although they can be referred to as door openers, too. Door closers allow you to close doors with confidence and are commonly referred to by their specific function, or by their composition, e.g. Hold-Open door closers, Automatic door closers, Concealed in-frame door closers, Heavy-duty door closers or floor closers.

The main function of the arm is to turn the pinion, which pushes the spring back, creating the tension needed to close the door once released. Door closers with regular arms are usually mounted on the pull side of the door. These allow doors to open until 180 degrees. This type of arm will more noticeably stick out perpendicular to the door and frame. Parallel arm door closers are less noticeable as the closer body is installed on the push side of the door and the arm is installed to the soffit on the head of the frame. The parallel arm folds 
in so it lies against the face of the door.

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