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Electric Strikes

Our range of electric strike lock kits include buzz-in door locks, remote release for electric door latches, security door strike plates and heavy duty strike plates among others.
With a range of brands that includes top names such as Adams Rite, RCI, Folger Adam, Trine and Hes, you can be confident you will find your electric door strike kit quickly and easily.


Looking for an electric door strike for easy access control and security?
Access control has come a long way in the last 30 years, contributing much to our general safety and security. Electric strikes are an easy to use and easy to install, low-cost solution to keeping your home or building safe.
Browse through our impressive range to find an electric strike lock kit that is perfectly suited to your access control requirements.

With so many electric strikes to choose from, where do you start?

Finding the right electric door strike need not be a headache. Barzel Lock offers a handy USER GUIDE to help you buy the perfect electric strike lock kit.


Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Strikes

An electric door strike replaces a standard door strike and remains locked from the outside at all times. To override the locked default position, electric strike locks are opened from the inside by pressing a panic bar or other manual release device.

Electric strikes are installed in place of a conventional lock strike plate on the inside of the door frame. Power is supplied to the strike, which holds the latch or bolt in place, keeping the door locked until the release system is activated via an electric card reader, or some other remote release.

Yes. Electrical power is supplied to the strike which holds the latch in place until the release system is activated.

The lock functions independently of the electric strike. So even if the power is out you can open the door from the inside by turning the door handle or pushing the touchpad. However most electric strikes can be set to fail-safe or fail-secure using an integral switch.

With a simple traditional strike plate, the door latch springs into a hole in the door frame to stay closed and the latch keeps the door in the closed position.