Keri Systems NXT-6RK Card Reader

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NXT Proximity Reader and Keypad for NXT Controllers
KeriÍs NXT-6RK is the newest member of the NXT Series Proximity Reader family. The NXT-6RK may be mounted directly to standard U. S. A. sized single-gang wall boxes, and is ideal for applications requiring an access credential and/or personal identi cation number (PIN), such as high security dual veri cation. It connects to an NXT Controller via the NXT-RM-3 Reader Interface Module to allow the Wiegand format keypad data to be read by the controller while at the same time reading standard NXT formatted cards. The NXT-6RK and NXT-RM3 are sold as a kit together (NXT-KPK) as well as individually. Keypad data is transmitted via the readerÍs data lines in either an 8-Bit Burst or 26-Bit Wiegand data format, depending upon the PIN length required by the customer. The alpha-numeric keypad itself makes use of a durable (no moving parts), non-mechanical capacitive technology. It includes advanced enhancements including blue backlighting and a continuously illuminated 5-key, both for orientation at night, tactile feedback, and a raised ïpipÍ on the 5-key for use by visually impaired individuals. The single-piece NXT-6RK delivers non-contact read ranges up to 6 inches (152 mm), and is powered by the controller. Physical size is a compact 4.6 x 3 x 0.70 inches (117 x 77 x 18 mm). Mounting is simpli ed with horizontal and vertical mounting slots instead of holes which allows the reader to be conveniently adjusted and leveled. To allow both indoor and outdoor operation the electronics are sealed in tamper resistant epoxy potting. Concealing the mounting hardware, the NXT-6RK ships with both black and white covers standard to match building decor.
Manufacturer: Keri Systems
Read-range: 6 In.
Reader-keypad-size: Single Gang
Reader-type: NXT Proximity with Keypad
Series: Keri Proximity Readers
Series-name: NXT