Keri Systems PXL-500W-1 NE Access Control

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Tiger II Controller for Wiegand Type Readers, No Enclosure
Keri's PXL-500 Tiger II Controller hardware platform provides sophisticated access control solutions for up to 256 doors at a single site and thousands of doors spread over a number of remote sites. The unique architecture allows Keri to o er the system hardware at a lower cost compared to other manufacturers. It also contains many features that simplify and signi cantly reduce the cost of installation. The system is managed by Keri's Doors32 software or Doors.NET software, with Doors.NET being recommended for all new installations. The PXL-500 itself contains all the input/output functionality necessary to manage a single door (Lock Relay, Door Sense, Requestto- Exit, and two reader inputs) as well as provide an alarm output. Each controller has an RS-485 port for connection to other PXL-500's (up to 128 per network) and an RS-232 serial port for connection to a PC which communicates with the rst PXL-500 on the network. The PXL-500's two reader inputs can be con gured for either Keri's acclaimed MS Series Proximity Readers or any Wiegand-compatible device (model PXL-500P for MS Readers, model PXL-500W for Wiegand-compatible readers.)
Doors: 1
Kit: Controller Only
Manufacturer: Keri Systems
Reader-inputs: 2
Series: Keri Tiger II Platform
System-type: Stand Alone
Voltsamps-increqu: 12VDC/1AMP Required