McKinney 4007 MRB US26D Pivot

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Gate Spring Pivot Hinge, Mortise Box and Reverse Brackets, Satin Chrome

A full range of spring hinges are available for all types of door sizes, weights, and applications. Included are full mortise single acting hinges, single acting reverse spring hinges, full mortise double acting hinges, and half surface double acting hinges, plus our heavy duty spring butt hinge that permits doors to open 90 Deg. in either direction. In addition, we produce a variety of hinges for special applications including anchor hinges, wide throw hinges, swing clear hinges, and pocket hinges.

Base-material: Cast Steel
Finish-description: Satin Chrome
Finish-title: 626/US26D
Manufacturer: McKinney
Series: McKinney Spring Hinges and Pivots